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The site had not been updated for 2010 yet but we expect to have the 2010 trek information up before Christmas.  We will be rafting on the Salmon River again as it has some of the nicest beaches and is a good river.  We plan to gather by Saturday evening, July 10 at Hammer Creek campground in White Bird, ID.  We will take out on Saturday, July 17 at Heller Bar. WA.  The trek will be limited to 30 people and Venturers will have higher priority than adults.  We plan to conduct a Kodiak X for Venturers who have already taken Kodiak if we have at least 4 participants but no more than 6.  Kodiak will be conducted over the week on the river.

Salmon River, Idaho

Venturing Crew 360 of Snohomish, WA and Venturing Crew 7 of Walnut, CA announce their fifth annual Kodiak Leadership Skills Whitewater Trek for summer, 2009.  First year Venturers will have the opportunity to take the Kodiak Leadership Skills Course integrated with recreational whitewater guide training.  Second year participants will take Kodiak X while serving as course staff, guides, or instructors.  Past courses have been conducted on the Colorado River in Utah, the Salmon River in Idaho, the Flathead River in Montana, and the Klamath River in California.  This is our second year integrating the powerful Kodiak Course with a real world leadership experience such as guiding a whitewater raft.

The two week trip will run from Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp near Riggins, Idaho all the way to Heller Bar in Southeastern Washington State.  This is a 132 mile trek on the famous River of No Return through Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.  There are 74 named rapids, two sets of Indian petroglyphs, several abandoned homesteads, a hard-rock mine, a remote sheep ranch, and side canyons with refreshing waterfalls.

A formal American Canoe Association Whitewater Raft Guide Course will be offered along with an American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid Course.  In addition, other skills courses, such as Leave No Trace and Cooking will be offered.  We offer a specialized Kodiak Course that takes advantage of all the leadership opportunities inherent in whitewater rafting and guiding but includes ALL the elements of the official Kodiak Syllabus.  The Kodiak Xpedition Guide Training is open to any Venturer with some experience in canoes, rowboats or other watercraft.

The Kodiak Course is open to up to 24 Venturers and leaders who can pass a First Class Swim check and are comfortable spending a week in the Western Wilderness.  There will be limited transportation available from the Seattle airport.

Whitewater Trek Coordinator
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Kodiak Course Director        
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