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What a wonderful trip!

Our first view of the Argus was back in March when we were getting ready for canoeing on the Colorado River during Easter break. The view now was different; we were going to be the crew. I can easily say that none of us could even guess what it was going to be like to be the crew on a tall ship.

When we boarded with our gear, we soon realized that our sleeping bunks were going to be very tight spaces. Very different from what we were used to; hopefully we would not feel claustrophobic.

Soon after we secured our gear, the Captain called us together. The Captain made me and probably others feel that without doubt we were the working crew on this tall ship. It was not a wonderful feeling, but time would change that.

Our First Mate was late to arrive but that meant more time for pictures! Our first stop was King Harbor in Redondo Beach. We motored all the way because of our late start. However, on our way to King Harbor, we were assigned duty stations and we were given instruction on how to raise the sails. We learned some new nautical terms, made some mistakes, but had some fun.

Dinner that evening, like all meals, required us to answer questions about sails, knots and bells. If we answered incorrectly, we went to the back of the food line. It was fun learning and most of us did well. We were a crew; we worked together!

On our first night, we got to go ashore and walk around King Harbor. If this was a sign of things to come, I did not expect the tall-ship cruise to be too exciting.

On our second day, we sailed to the back side of the island to Two Harbors. We got there in the evening and were told that we could take a shower the next day when we went ashore. Sounded very good! The weather had been beautiful all day and it would be the same for the rest of the trip.

Wednesday morning, most of the crew went ashore. A few of us stayed so that we could swing from a rope on the yardarm. We would swing out from the boat about 20 feet and drop about 10 feet. We had a great time. Afterwards we went ashore and joined the others for a nice day relaxing without the sway of a boat!

Late in the afternoon, we sailed for Emerald Bay Scout Camp. Most of the Post went ashore that evening and enjoyed the campfire program that the camp was having. In the morning, we all had breakfast at the chow hall at Emerald Bay. The rest of the morning was spend kayaking and snorkeling. The snorkeling really added to our trip. There were a number of our Post who had never enjoyed underwater scenes before.

Thursday afternoon, we sailed to Avalon. Thursday evening, the Post had a wonderful time in Avalon. (Anyone who would like to send me their description of the evening, I would be more than glad to include it in this page.) Friday, we sailed home. Friday night, we each reminisced in our minds about the awesome trip. The trip was composed of five units: Danny Hiles, Mike Pysnik, Diana and Christina Hall, Heather and Nathan Chavez, Ms. Hiles and Mr. Murray of Post 7, Jennifer Hall, Lawrence Ellis, Heidi Lincoln and Bryan Morris of Post 94, Josh Lewis of Troop 789, John Ross of Troop 911, Zach Zimmerman of Troop 126.

Of coure both Post 7 and Post 94 became Crew 7 and Crew 94 respectively at the end of the summer.

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