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Illustrated History of
BSA Square Knot Evolution
and Private Issues

Honor MedalSilver Buffalo
Silver AntelopeSilver BeaverEagle Scout
QuartermasterScoutmaster's KeyScouter's Training Award

Above are the first BSA knots:
Honor Medal, Silver Buffalo
Silver Antelope, Silver Beaver, Eagle Scout
Quartermaster, Scoutmaster's Key, Scouter's Training Award

George Crowl has put together three very interesting documents that he is letting me share with you.  The three are History of Square Knots, Private Issue Square Knots and Training Award Medals.  His work includes a brief history of the ribbon bars that preceded the square knots and a comprehensive review of square knots covering the types,Download Software colors, devices and associated medals.  The documents are PDF files.  You will need Acrobat® Reader to view the document.  This free software may be downloaded from Adobe.

George has passed so this page is in recognition of a good friend and a great scouter!

Illustrated History of BSA Square Knot Evolution
(updated 2/29/16)

  1. 1934 - 1979, Ribbons and Khaki Knots
  2. 1980 - 2016, Tan Knots  (updated 8/21/16)
  3. General Information
  4. Chronological Table of References for Ribbons and Square Knots
  5. Footnotes

Illustrated Private Issue Knots

  1. Locally Authorized Knots
  2. Rafi Sharif Knots
  3. Ship's Store and Chris McCullough Knots
  4. Craig Murray and copies of Official Knots - More on Craig's knots
  5. Private Issue and Spoof Knots

Training Award Medals  (updated 2/29/16)

  1. Training Award Varieties

If you want to contact George Crowl about his documents or just want to thank him, you can contact him by e-mail.


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