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The plan is for 5,000 participants and 1,000 IST from 80 countries around the world to join the Moot in 2017.  It will be a fantastic international event held in a country of natural wonders and bright nights.

The age range is 18-25 and the dates are 25th July to 2nd August 2017 so if you are born on or between the dates of 2nd August 1991 and 25th July 1999 you are eligible as a participant and BSA plans to send as many young adults as are interested in attending.  When BSA makes registration available, the link will be posted here and on

Footnote on the age:  All participants will be classified as adults for purposes in connection with the moot.  As such, two-deep leadership guidelines would not apply, although other guidelines regarding separate male-female accommodations will be followed.

There will be no unit leaders for the moot.  There will be contingent leader responsible for communicating information prior to the event to the participants and staff, as well as during the event with any information disseminated by the host.

If you are just beginning to learn about this Moot, there are a couple of web pages that I have put together that may be helpful:

  1. Plan for the 2017 World Scout Moot in Iceland -  (Venturing Magazine, Jan. 2015)
  2. 14th World Scout Moot (in Canada) -  (Venturing Magazine, Nov. 2013)

Of course, there is an official Iceland Moot web site with good information, a facebook web site and a UK web site:

  1. World Scout Moot 2017 -
  2. 15th World Scout Moot Iceland -
  3. UK Contingent -
  4. BSA Iceland Moot Contingent -

(7/26/2016)  International Committee Member and Southern Region OA Chairman Andy Chapman will serve as the BSA's Head of Contingent to the 2017 World Scout Moot in Iceland.  Andy's experience in the OA working with our regional and national youth leadership as well as his experience planning events for his home council will provide valuable resources for our contingent from his expertise in both recruiting and planning.

(11/10/2016)  Registration is Open -  The contingent is open to 100 participants!  Please sign up by December 15, 2016.  Those who register later will be charged a late fee.  The fees are $1,650 for participants and $1,475 for IST.  This does not include airfare.

The fee includes the Moot fee that goes to the host (Iceland Scouts), bus travel from airport to Moot and back, lodging (probably an elementary school floor) the night before and after the event, patch/scarf set, insurance, some fees, and a few contingent related administrative expenses.  To keep the cost down, participants and IST are asked to bring their own tent (saving a bunch of money).  Participants and IST will be given a chance to buy BSA WSM17 gear and other items a la carte, so as to not inflate the participation fee.

A YouTube video of Iceland's landscape.
It looks like nothing else in this world.
A YouTube video of the introduction to
Úlfljótsvatn Outdoor and Scout Center
in Iceland which is the main camp site.

Three very nice Moot videos that you can only view on YouTube can be viewed from:

For those that want to plan ahead for equipment and clothing they will need, here is a helpful link:

When BSA posts it registration link, probably in 2016, it will be posted here and on

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