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Navajo Diné Award for Participation

Diné Award

This year, the Navajo Lodge has introduced the all new Diné Award in an effort to recognize those who actively participate in the Lodge and help it to grow.  The word Diné is the Navajo word for Navajo.  The Diné Award is divided into three segments; the Brotherhood segment, the Cheerfulness segment, and the Service segment.  After the requirements are fulfilled for each segment, you receive the special rocker to go around the Navajo Lodge Diné patch.  The requirements are:


Do three of these:

  • Help an ordeal member attain the Brotherhood Honor
  • Attend a Conclave, NLS, or a NOAC
  • Attend 3 Lodge Nights
  • Attend 2 Lodge events/activities


Do two of these:

  • Bring a friend to a Lodge function
  • Attain the Brotherhood Honor
  • Pay your lodge dues


Do six of these:

  • *Remain active in your scouting position
  • *Hold the position of OA Representative in your troop or crew
  • Participate in a Camp Promotions/Unit Elections Team
  • Hold a position of responsibility at 2 lodge functions
  • Serve as a Lodge Officer or Chairman
  • Serve as a trainer at an OA event
  • Serve as a TRAINED elangomat
  • Participate in a Lodge Service Project
  • Participate in a council Service Project authorized by the Lodge
  • Serve as a PRACTICED ceremony team member

Each requirement must be signed by a Lodge officer or the Lodge Adviser.  Items with an (*) may be signed by your Troop Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor.  You can download the Diné Award form here.