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Custom Fine Jewelry
1999 - 2007

In 1999, the contract for the Eagle Scout award medal was given to the Custom Fine Jewelry Company (CFJ).  So at the beginning of 1999, both Stange and CFJ medals were available.


Type 1 - 1999

CFJ Type 1 - Front CFJ Type 1 - Back

The Stange type 6 and the CFJ type 1 are very similar in design.  The easiest way to tell the difference is that the back of the pendant has an "S" for the Stange medals and a "CFJ" for the CFJ medals.  There are Sterling silver medals of this type but they are rare.  There is no mark on the pendant but the scroll has a very small "925" stamped just above the knot.


Type 2 - 1999-2001

CFJ Type 2 - Front CFJ Type 3 - Back

In the middle of 1999, CFJ redesigned the pendant.  The new pendant had a sharp and clean look as you can see.  The Sterling medals have a "925" just above the hallmark.


Type 3 - 2001-2007

CFJ Type 3 - Front CFJ Type 3 - Back

The only change between the CFJ type 2 and CFJ type 3 is the hanging knot.  The type 3 is no longer a wire knot, it is a molded knot.


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