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T. H. Foley
1912 - 1915

The T. H. Foley Company was the first to make the Eagle Scout medal.  They produced the medals from 1912 until 1915 when they went out of business.  During those years, 338 Eagle Scout medals were issued so Foley medals are the scarcest.

Front - Eagle Medal by Foley Back - Eagle Medal by Foley

The composition of the pendant and scroll is bronze washed in silver.  Often they have the appearance of being gold in color because the silver easily wore off.  On the back of the scroll is the manufacturer's hallmark and the clasp on the scroll was a simple hook clasp.  There is no hallmark on the pendant and the pendant ring can be either perpendicular or parallel to the plane of the wings.  There are both single and double knots hanging from the scroll.