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Robbins - Type 2
1930 - 1933

These Robbins Eagle Scout medals are among the nicest made.  The engraving is extremely well done.


Type 2A - 1930

Robbins Type 2A - front Robbins Type 2A - back

The type 2A is very finely engraved on both the obverse and reverse making it the most attractive of all the Eagle Scout medals.  The type 2A was only made for a short time in late 1930 after which the fine details on the reverse were eliminated.


Type 2B - 1931-33

Robbins Type 2B - front Robbins Type 2B - back

The type 2B, although beautiful, does not have a very finely engraved reverse but does have the same finly engraved front as the type 2A.  The reverse of this pendant is the same as the Robbins type 3.


Back of Pendant

Robbins Type 2A - back Robbins Type 2B - back

Type 2A
Finely Engraved

Type 2B


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