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Stange - Type 4
1978 - 1980

Stange Type 4 - Front Stange Type 4 - Back

After Robbins discontinued making Eagle Scout medals in 1978, the Stange Company change their medal to the last design used by Robbins.  This has created confusion between the two types.  The way you can tell the difference is the ribbon and the hallmarks.

  1. The Stange ribbon has white stitched edging (see above) which was never appeared on a Robbins ribbon.
  2. The Robbins pendant has the word STERLING on the tail feathers and the Stange pendant has the word STER on the tail feathers.
  3. The Robbins scroll has a large lower case 'r' and to the right of it is the word STERLING.  The Stange scroll has a stylized 'S' and below it is the word STERLING or STER.
Robbins Type 5 - Tail Feathers Stange Type 4 - Tail Feathers



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