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Stange - Type 5
1980 - 1993

Late in 1979, the price of silver rose dramatically compelling the National Office to change the metal content of the Eagle Scout medal from Sterling silver to a non-precious medal.  The Stange type 5 medals were silver plated copper, oxidized to black, buffed and lacquered.  Sterling silver medals were also available upon request.

Manufacturer's HallmarkThe manufacturer's hallmark, a stylized 'S', is on the tail feathers on the reverse side of all pendants.  It is usually also on the back of the scroll.  All the pendant backs of this type have full feathers.


Type 5A - 1980-83

Stange Type 5A - Front Stange Type 5A - Back

Earlier medals of the type were black because they were not buffed and lacquered.  These have a shorter ribbon.  The later ones of this same type were buffered and lacquered and had a longer ribbon.  The back of the pendant had a flat look.  All ribbons had the white edging.


Type 5B - 1983-86

Stange Type 5B - Front Stange Type 5B - Back

Only the back of the pendant was changed.  The wings were contoured giving them more dimension and depth.  All ribbons had the white edging.


Type 5C - 1986-89

Stange Type 5C - Front Stange Type 5C - Back

The 'S' in BSA has a flattened appearance which also makes it look larger.  The reverse of the pendant was changed back to the type used for the type 5A.  Some ribbons do not have the white edging.


Type 5D - 1990-93

Stange Type 5D - Front Stange Type 5D - Back

A new die was made for this pendant.  The wings were bent forward to give more dimension and depth to the pendant.  The BSA on the breast is normal.  Most ribbons do not have the white edging.


Type 5E - 1993

This type only comes in Sterling silver.  The scroll is the design used in type 6B (pin replaced with two poles for clutch holders) and the pendant is the Sterling silver pendant used in type 5D.  This combination was obviously used in order to use up stock of the older type of silver pendants.  (no picture shown)


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