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Stange - Type 7
2007 - present

In 2007, the Stange Company was reinstated as the manufactures of the Eagle medal.  The medal is made in both non-sterling and sterling.  The striking difference of the new medal is that the letters BSA are in an arc.  It is also interesting to note that there are no Stange hallmarks as were on Stange types 5 and 6.


Stange Type 7 - Front Stange Type 7 - Back

Sterling Silver
The sterling medal has the number .925 (92.5% silver) on the tail feathers on the reverse of the pendent.  The non-sterling pendent only displays the feathers.

Thanks to Kenneth Phillips and Bob Ryan for making me aware of the new medal and to Terry Grove for the background information. Terry is the author of
A Comprehensive Guide to the Eagle Scout Award, Twentieth Century Edition

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