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Corps of Discovery 20th Anniversary Patch

Nik Stanosheck suggested that I design a flap for the 20th Anniversary of the Corps of Discovery using a scene where the members are voting.  I will be glad to make the below patches and expect to have them before the World Scout Jamboree if I get enough interest in the next few weeks.  I hope to have a commitment at least 100 patches for the traditional flap and 50 for the Sea Scout flap.  These patches will be fully embroidered.  I only plan to fill initial orders and do not plan to stock this patch except for maybe a short while because of ordering requirements.

I have created two designs and will make both if I get at least order of 100 patches of the traditional flap and 50 patches for the Sea Scout flap.  I've reached the minimum for the Venturing flap so I will be ordering these patches soon.  The price for the Venturing flap will be $3 each.  Because of the smaller quantity and larger size, the Sea Scout flap will likely sell for $5 each.

If you are interested, please email me at or from my contact page.  I will reply to all that do.  I will need to know the quantity and which version you prefer.

The significance of this design is that this was the first time in our history that a black and a women voted

This idea is not endorsed by BSA.

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Venturing 20th Anniversary COD patch Sea Scout 20th Anniversary COD patch
Venturing FlapSea Scout Flap