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Custom Design Ordering


Patches are priced by size.  The prices are determined by (height + width)/2 and rounded to the nearest 1/2".  A patch can have up to 9 colors without an increase in costs.  Additional colors are 4 per color per patch.  Buttons loops are an extra 5 per patch.

Common sizes are 3" and 2.5".  3-digit unit numbers are normally 3" wide by between 1.75" to 2.25" tall and are therefore priced at 2.5".  The prices for those sized patches with up to 9 colors fully embroidered are:

Size Min. Order Unit Price Total Price
3" 50 $ 2.66 $ 133 + shipping
3" 63 $ 2.66 $ 167.58 + shipping
3" 100 $ 1.68 $ 168 + shipping
3" 200 $ 1.21 $ 242 + shipping

Size Min. Order Unit Price Total Price
2.5" 50 $ 2.44 $ 122 + shipping
2.5" 60 $ 2.44 $ 146.40 + shipping
2.5" 100 $ 1.47 $ 147 + shipping
2.5" 200 $ 0.99 $ 198 + shipping
    Note that the cost of 60+ patches is the same as 100 patches.

Standard Ordering Information:

  • I ask for half down to begin and the balance plus shipping when the patches are ready.  Shipping is the cost priority mail rounded up to the next whole dollar.  If multiple patches are ordered, shipping is combined.

  • Insurance is optional.  The cost is what the post office charges and is shown of the order form.  (I think it has changed a little so please ask.)

  • When I receive the deposit:  I work up a drawing; get your approval; and put the patch into production.

  • I do a great deal of scouting so getting things done quickly is not something I can always help with.  In any case, knowing when you need the patches is important to me.

  • Linked is a PDF order form for your convenience with my address.  You can fill in the form online and print it.  If you want to call, my California number is (909) 595-7166.

  • My objective is to provide quality patches, good service and receive a thank you when you receive your patches because I do the patch thing as a hobby.

PayPal Payment

If you use the "Friends" option and pay from your bank or balance, there will be no charge to me.  If you use your credit card and I am charged, there will be a 4% convenience fee on that part of the payment.  If I send you a PayPal payment link, it may include a 4% convenience fee but if I am not charged, I will return the full convenience fee to your PayPal account.

Use my contact page to ask any questions.

This is not an official site of the Boy Scouts of America.  I use some of the profits to pay for the scouting web sites that I maintain for the benefit of the scouting community.  However, I give most of the profits to international scouting because I am very involved in international scouting.

Information on my scouting background