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New Venturing ideas usually come from the volunteers that are involved in the program.  Some of the ideas are for patch designs that will recognize Venturers for services they have provided and some for Venturing leaders.  This page is dedicated to ideas that have been proposed and in a few cases accepted.  If you have questions or ideas, please go to my contact page.  (I can't respond unless you do).


Scouting has always encouraged the leaders to be trained.  Prior to 1972, BSA issued its first "Trained" strips that corresponded to the scouting uniform.

Today, the official "Trained" strip is only made with colors that match the Boy Scout uniform.  However, several designs have been proposed for Venturing.  Two designs are shown below.  A VLST certificate using the green & white patch design and a VLST certificate using the red patch design are available for your use.  Also an ILSC certificate is available for your use.  You can type both the participant name and date on the certificates.

Now that VLSC is changing to ILSC, a Trained strip will be used for completion of the course and the available strips from BSA will have the traditional Boy Scout colors.

Venturing Officers' Association Patch

Between 2006 and 2011, I offered a VOA patch that both Councils and Districts used for their VOA.  In 2012, when BSA "borrowed" my design, I stopped providing the patch but I have had several District VOAs ask if I would provide the patch again so a few are available for those that contact me from my contact page.

Venturing World Crest Ring

Two nice alternatives to the 1910 World Crest Ring are the 1998 Venturing Ring and the 20th Anniversary Venturing Ring (have plenty) which includes the World Crest (one easy patch to sew on).  These ring patches make a handsome addition to the Venturing uniform.

Corps of Discovery

The idea of the Corps of Discovery is Servant Leadership.  That is, a society of Venturing Leaders, both youth and adult, who take seriously the servant leader concept as taught in Kodiak.  More information about the program can be found here.

The first item used for recognition was a animal tooth that hung on a wire from the right pocket.  Later, a western region Venturing leader asked me to design a pocket flap.  The first flaps were presented to youth who completed a Kodiak training course in 2005 and made a promise to take on a simple service project when he or she got home.  Some of the projects were as complex as helping with Scoutreach camps, Powder Horn, and VOAs, and others were as simple as recruiting some friends to join their Crews.

If you want to order Corps of Discovery flaps or the pin, please go to where you will find an order form (right side, last paragraph).

In addition to recognizing others with the patches below, two certificates have been developed.  You are welcome to use either certificate.  Both certificates are data entry PDF files:

  1. Craig Murray's certificate - Use the cursor to select in the area for the name and type the recipients name.  Then tab to two other positions in order to enter the position names of two other people signing the certificate and print.  There are three fields that can be filled in.
  2. Bill Wilcox's certificate - Use the cursor to select in the area for the date and type the date.  Then tab to the second field to enter the participant's name.

A Servant Leader Corps of Discover flap is now designed for the new Venturing uniform.

A Servant Leader Corps of Discovery flap is also available for those that like the traditional design.

National Camping School StaffNational Camping SchoolNational Camping School

Summer camp staff in most areas wear the Venturing green shirt.  Many scouters attending National Camping School are associated with a summer camp program so it would seem logical that the National Camping School patch would be made with a green background.