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On occasion, it is nice to have a pin especially one that does not twist or turn.  All my pins have double post so they always look nice when worn.  The only drawback to pins, medals and buckles is the set up cost on small quantities are not economical to order.  I do have a few items that are available on this order form:  pinOrder.xls.

I have set up this page to magnify the each of the items (scroll down to see them all).  Click once to magnify, click a second time on the object to shrink.

The images on this page are ©.  They have been designed for specific programs and are not available for others to use.

If you are interested in ordering something similar shown on this page, please use my secure contact page to let me know your interest.

Christian Coptic Orthodox Church

Saint MauriceSaint MinaSaint Mercurius

Kodiak Medal

KodiakKodiak - Golden


Fleur-de-lis with crown Summit Award - Proud Parent

Venturing Leadership Award Sea Scout Leadership Award Sea Scout Alumni Pin for James E. West knot Turkish Airborne Wings Sextant for James E. West knot Mini Medical Badge Military Order of the World Wars Pin for James E. West knot

Corps of DiscoveryCivilian medicalSea Scout Reagional/Area ScouterTroop 412 - 85 years - 180 Eagle Scouts

CamporeeWorld Scout Jamboree ist, 2011Camporee31st APR Jamboree - Mongolia


100 Years of ScoutingSan Gabriel TrailsSan Bernardino Trails



Sea BadgeSea Badge

Centennial CamporeeCamp 3 falls

Nishikubo Catholic Medal

Nishikubo Catholic Medal

Monsignor Dolan Award

Monsignor Dolan Award

Cub Scout Day Camp Pins

Cub Scout InvestigatorsCub Scout Island AdventureCub Scout OlympicsLaunched in SpaceDude Ranch