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Occasionally, we like to wear a "knot" that represents something that we have supported.  For example, many scouters already wear the James E. West knot.  In addition, I have created several other knots knots for that purpose.

The first is the Silver Falcon which I received for my contribution of $1,000 to the Mongolian Scout Association.  The "knot" patch I receive was:

Mongolian Silver Falcon

Since this was not a BSA size "knot", I have it remade to a standard BSA size:

Silver Falcon

I am making this knot available to scouters for $2.50 and a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE).  If you want the knot, please contact me from my contact page to let me know your interest.

I also have two additional "knot" patches for general use.  They are $2.50 each plus a SASE.  Please contact me from my contact page to let me know your interest.  One I call my "Back to Gilwell" knot (I am a Wood Badge Staffer and a Gilwell Fellow) and the other, the "World Scouting" knot (I do many international activities, I am a BP Fellow and before my council merged I was an International Representative).  As I do both activities, I wanted to generated a fun but unofficial "knot" that you are welcome to use for anything that you would like to use it for.  The "knots" look like:

Back to Gilwell    World Scouting

The acorn represents the oak tree at Gilwell that many special Wood Badge beads are made from.  Both of the of these "knots" are unofficial and not supported by any scout organization.

Official Oak Wood Badge beads can be purchase for the fowling links:

  1. 2 beads
  2. 3 beads
  3. 4 beads
  4. Silver beads

These "knots" are not endorsed by either the Gilwell Fellowship or BP Fellowship respectively but if you are a member and want to wear the "knot", I will gladly give you one free for the cost of a SASE.  Please contact me from my contact page to let me know.

This is not an official site of the Boy Scouts of America.  I give the profits from the sales of these items to international scouting because I am very involved in international scouting.

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