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Many scouters appreciate knots that are uniform in size and design, something that is not done well with the knots available from BSA.  Another feature that was requested when Venturing began was to have knots that would match the uniform as was done between 1966 and 1979.  BSA did not pursue that request.

Below are knots that have been requested by scouters over the years.  Click on any of the small images to see both my original drawing and the final knot (click anywhere a second time and the window will close).  Some are still available on this order form knotOrder.xls.

Outdoor Achievement Award Knot
Den Chief Service Award Knot
Duke of Edinburgh Award Knots
DAM SS tan
50 Miler
Diocesan Award of Merit
Blue Ox Award
SS Silver Buffalo
SS AOM/Quartermaster
Popcorn Volunteer Knot
Commodore Jean M. Tarantino Award
Training Square Knot
Alumni Award Square Knots
Aguehonga District Recognition
Copper Star Recognition
Silver Saguaro Recognition
Khaki Square Knots
NESA Distinguished Service Award
Asian American Spirit of Scouting Award
Vale La Pena Service Award
Whitney Young Award
Distinguished Eagle Scout Award
NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award
Honor & Heroism
Islamic Council on Scouting Recognition
Medal of Merit
Bushcraft Award
Pack Trainer
Y knot
Order of the Condor
Scouts of Ecuador
George Meany
Sea Badge
Life Scout Square Knot
Venturing Square Knots
Girl Scout Awards
Congressional Gold Award
Silver Falcon
Back to Gilwell
Lady Baden-Powell Award
Messenger of Peace Hero Award
District Chair Award of Merit
Venturing Silver or Summit
World Scouting
Alumni Award
Finis Aetatis (before the girls join)
Seabadge Mentor
Sea Scout blue twill knots
Golden Beaver - 25 years
Medal of Merit
Sea Scout knots with blue background
Sea Badge
Sea Badge Staff
Varsity Scout Denali Award
Silver Beaver
Boy Scout Knots
Bronze Big Horn
Boy Scout Knots
Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor
Sea Scout Knots
Sea Badge Staff
Sea Badge Course Director
Sea Badge
Ace square knot on tan
Sea Badge Staff
District Award of Merit
Youth Leadership in America
Skipper's Key
Sea Scout square knots
Sea Scout Adult Religious Square Knot
Sea Scout Silver Beaver
Sea Scout NEASE Eagle - Blue
Sea Scout Skipper Award of Merit - Blue
Unit Leader Award of Merit
Alumni Award
Sea Badge Underway
Scouting Service Award
Professional Training Knot
Papa Bear Troop Recognition
Sea Scout knots with blue background
Religious knots
Community Organization including Meany Award
OA Distinguished Service Award
Religous Knot
Venturing Silver Award knot
Trained Square Knot
Cub Scout Awards - 1988-2013
Early Top Awards Senior Scouting
Historic Trails
Sea Badge Underway
Sea Badge
District Award of Merit
Sea Badge Underway
Tan background knots
Sea Scout white knots
Sea Scout knots for chambray shirt
Commissioner knots
District Award of Merit - Venturing
Boyce, VLA, Silver II
Afghan knot
Camper Recognition
GS Medal of Honor
Sea Scout square knots
International Friendship Award
AHG Stars & Stripes Award
Speakers Bank
Sea Badge
OA Vigil
Pack 513
Philmont Master Track
Doctor of Commissioner Science
Round Table
Hornaday Badge
NESA Eagle
Crew 836