Venturing Crew 83
Code and Bylaws

Preamble - Venturing Code

As a Venturer, I believe that America's strength lies in our trust in God and in the courage, strength, and traditions of our people.
I will, therefore, be faithful in my religious duties and will maintain a personal sense of honor in my own life.
I will treasure my American heritage and will do all I can to preserve and enrich it.
I will recognize the dignity and worth of all humanity and will use fair play and goodwill in my daily life.
I will acquire the Venturing attitude that seeks the truth in all things and adventure on the frontiers of our changing world.

Crew Bylaws:

  1. Objectives
    1. Promote outdoor awareness experiences
    2. Run a safe and equal opportunity crew
    3. Have fun!

  2. Membership
      Membership shall be open to all young adults of high school age who live in the surrounding area and have completed the eighth grade or are at least 14 years of age.  No prospective member shall be disqualified because of race, color, creed, or sex.  All members must be registered as Venturers and agree to the crew code and bylaws.

  3. Officers
    1. The elected officers shall be president, two vice presidents, secretary, and treasurer.  The president, with the approval of the advisor, shall appoint activity chairs and make other assignments as needed.  The duties of the officers shall be as prescribed in the venturing leader manual.
    2. The normal term of office shall be for six months starting on first meeting in December and first meeting in June.  Elections shall be held in last meeting in Nov. for a Dec. 1 term and last meeting in May for the June 1 term.
    3. No member shall serve more than five successive terms in the same office.
    4. Nominations may be given in either of the two meetings before the election or by phone or email.  On the night of the election, nominations may be presented by any member from the floor.  If the nomination is seconded and the candidate agrees to serve, he or she must be included on the ballot.
    5. All contested ballots shall be secret.
    6. Any officer must attend at least 75% of the meetings.
    7. If an officer does not attend the required amount of time, or does not do his/her job, expulsion from office is possible.  Four other officers and one adviser must approve this expulsion.

  4. Crew business
      Crew business has the option to be conducted under the principles outlined in Robert's Rules of Order at the judgement of the officers.  Voting on all issues will be by simple majority, with the exception of changes or amendments to the bylaws, which will require a two-thirds vote of the active membership.  There will be at least a seven days notice by the secretary by email or phone of all active members prior to any change of the bylaws.  These bylaws will then be voted on during the following meeting.

  5. Active Membership
      An active member shall pay dues of $15 every six months.  They must attend one crew activity, meeting or event in the previous three month period.

  6. General Meetings
      General meetings will be held every other Sunday.

  7. Officers' meetings
      Officers' meetings will be held at least once a month.

  8. Dues
      Dues will be paid every six months once in Dec and once in June, a $15 membership is due.  Those dues will be prorated if the member joins mid-term.  To participate in events, members must be current in their dues.  Visitors can attend one event providing the person bringing them is current in their dues.

  9. Money-earning projects
      All money-earning projects must be approved by a majority vote of crew members present.  Members who do not participate in a project are not entitled to any benefits of the funds earned.  All money –earning projects must be approved by the Advisor and meet the Boy Scouts of America requirements.

  10. Additional bylaws
    1. Sex, illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco use are not tolerated.  Also; any action that violates the code of conduct in the crew is prohibited.  If any crew member is offended by behaviors of another person, he may report it to the officers or advisors and appropriate action will be taken.  The person reporting can count on discretion from the officers and advisors.
    2. Consequences can be as follows depending on severity in that order:
      1. Verbal warning
      2. Written warning
      3. Notify parents
      4. Expulsion from the crew