New or Important Venturing Information

The purpose of this web page is to share Venturing information that is new or not well known.  As always, if you have learned of a change, let me know by emailing me at

Venturing Summit Award Service Project Workbook

The Venturing Summit Award Service Project Workbook, No. 512-938 is now available online at

The tracking spreadsheet for the awards is available here:

Registration Age Requirements

Effective March 1, 2015, Venturers and Sea Scouts who are 18 but not yet 21 will register as adults but will continue to participate in programs as youth.  And, if they are already 18, and in a crew (and don't change crews), they don't have to do anything.  They don't even have to take Youth Protection Training.

It is a bit confusing so here is a document that was released to professionals at the end of October 2014 provided by Bob Koch:
VT Registration Age Requirements.pdf

Financial Aid Portal for Paying for Graduate School

The portal,, is useful for those considering graduate level studies, as well as enrolled grad students who are looking for additional ways to alleviate their educational costs. OnlineMastersPrograms has been shared by numerous educational organizations and institutions; all of the resources on the site are free to use.  In addition, it provides students with a searchable database of nearly 3,000 graduate-level scholarships ( that can be narrowed by area of study or renewability.

New Venturing Awards and Requirements

A comprehensive source for the requirements of the Venturing awards programs, this is the go-to book for every Venturer.  The new handbook is now available through (item # 618767)
( and soon at local scout stores.

This handbook is also available in a Kindle edition on the Amazon web site

New Venturing Youth Handbook

The new handbook is now available through (item # 619088)
( and soon at local scout stores.

New Venturing Advisor Guidebook

The new handbook is now available through (item # 618768)
( and soon at local scout stores.

Venturing Goal Setting & Time Management Training Module

This course will provides a fun, interactive learning experience in learning Time Management in a in a 3 hour time period.  The presentation of this module can be split up to accommodated and meet the needs of the crew.  Completing this training module will fulfills the Venturing Discovery Award requirement for the goal setting-time management training course.  It is available at:

FAQ's about the new Venturing Program

BSA has put together Venturing FAQs including info about the new Guidebook and Handbook; Tiers; and much more.  (On 11/18/14, BSA updated the file.)
The link is

A special thanks to Ken King for sharing this link.

New Venturing Training Syllabus

National has issued new Venturing Position-Specific Training for the Advisor and the Committee:

Venturing Program Announcement

In December 2013, BSA came out with "Program Updates - 2014 and Beyond."  The "2014 Program Change Overview - Venturing" can be found here -

BSA announced at the 2013 May National Meeting a new Road Map to Venturing.  New information is available here -

A helpful blog page explaining the Venturing Road Map for 2014 is available at

It is important to note that the new Venturing Program aligns with the following two awards:

  1. Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  2. Congressional Award

A half dozen years ago, I did a write up on the Congressional Award and how it related to the Venturing Gold.  You can download the write up here -

Adult Venturing Awards (knots)

The requirements have been updated for both the Key and Training Award.  Venturing leaders who have started to earn these awards may use either set of requirements, but those who have not started to work on an award may only use the new requirements (links below are the new requirements).  If you want knots with Venturing green backgrounds, email me.
Advisor's Key
Venturing Training Award


You can call BSA supply 800-323-0736 and ask for the VenturING cloth sew on strip and they will send you 4 or 5 for free.  Make sure you tell them VenturING and not Venture strip as there is one in the catalog (it has the plastic backing like a patch).  Since they don't sell them, there is no catalog #.  They come starched stiff, so they are easy to sew onto a Cabella's or Dickey's forest green shirt.

I check on May 29, 2014 and supply still have the strips available and will have more made if needed.