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National and Private Issue Venturing Patches (position patches and more)

Venturing Uniform Patch Placement is lower on this page.  Use this link or scroll down.

Learn more about the changes in Venturing by visiting "Keeping Informed" plus see the new Venturing rank designs (7/23/14).

Wearing the new Venturing Awards

The new rank patches (see Informed) will be worn on the left pocket in the same fashion as Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts were their rank patches.  (I will update the images below later this year.)  Venturers can sill wear the "old" awards if they have earned them.  A male Venturer who has earned Eagle and earns the new Venturing Awards can wear his Eagle knot regardless of age but he cannot wear both a Boy Scout rank patch and a Venturing Award patch on his left pocket at the same time.  One way around this might be to wear the Boy Scout "mothers pin" in the left pocket flap and the Venturing Award patch on the pocket.  Of course, if a male Venturer does not want to earn the new Venturing Awards, he can wear his Boy Scout rank patch; first class or higher (at this time, this last statement is my conjecture).

When a Venturer earns Summit, he/she should wear the Summit Award pocket patch, not the square knot.  The square knot would be worn when the young adult reached 21.  A Venturer can wear the square knot if it represents the Venturing Silver Award.  The square knot for the Summit Award will be the same knot as for the Venturing Silver Award in the same manner as knot for the top Exploring award was used for the Explorer Silver, Explorer Achievement Award and the Explorer G.O.L.D Award.

The actual patches can be seen on my Youth Badges page with the item numbers:

New Uniform Pants for 2014

Western Region Venturing facebook has a picture of the new Venturing pants which are available in Scout Shops but not on 

Ken Bower, Western Region VOA Advisor, pass the follow info on to me:  "The new pants are nearly as much green as they are gray, but they're not too close to the Boy Scout color.  So far, only men's sizes are out.  They come in these styles:

  • pre-hemmed in a few common lengths - these have zippers that run half-way up the calves for boots and a snap at the hem to tighten them around an ankle:
    30" length on
    32" length on
  • un-hemmed and extra long for custom lengths, but without the zipper and snap.  On
  • no women pants at this time.

Waist sizes seem to be limited to non-numerics, and they have a bit of elastic in the waist, but no other adjustments I noticed.  The material is a non-stretch, fairly sturdy nylon material, that, I think, will be much more durable than the "rip-stop style" flexible material.  There are many pockets, with a variety of fasteners.  All have zip-off legs.  The new pants are $50.  The old ones (where you can find them) are on clearance for $20."

New Uniform Options for 2010

The new Venturing shirt is available now in Scout Shops and on (mens, womens).  The new Venturing shirt (pop window view) became available again in January, 2013.

Although the new shirt is a different design from the original, the patches all go in the same locations.

Venturing has greater latitude in uniforms than any other BSA family.  Crews determine and design their own uniforms.  However, if youth choose to wear the standard green shirt & gray pants uniform, they should comply with BSA policies.  As with any policy, there are more questions.  Michael Brown has prepared a Venturing Uniform FAQ which has been added to the US Scouting Service Project Web Site:

You can learn more about the different uniform badges (patches) by visiting History of Venturing Badges.  The web pages provide images for National & Private Issue badges.

If you are interested in youth Venturing knots, quality made ones are available on the Ceremonies page.

Many Venturers report the cost of the Venturing pants from the Supply Division to be prohibitive.  Within my own Crew, we purchased one pair of uniform pants that could be borrowed by members for formal occasions (we bought an average size and taped up the hem of the pants as needed).  Not all members could afford the pants.  Fortunately, others offer very similar, less expensive charcoal gray shorts.

I asked our Web Site Advisor and artist, Dr. Craig Murray, to create illustrations of Venturing uniform sleeves and pockets that comply with BSA policy.  The position of Venturing patches can be seen below.

What do the knots on Venturing uniforms signify?  Sharon Aycock, secretary to National Director of Venturing Division, Charles Holmes, prompted this resource with her gentle reminder that in Venturing, medals are typically worn only for formal events.  Our Web Site team developed this list of square knots worn by Venturers.

At times, the question arises as to what are the position patches available to Venturers.  The positions patches along with the Nature of Leadership badges are summarized in this Youth Badges document.

Additionally, there are other recognitions available for Venturers.  Many of which can be received by doing a little more on one of your activities.  -- Amy DiFrancesco, 2005-06 National Venturing President

The original left sleeve image showed a VLSC patch which was green and white.  In 2011, ILSC replaced VLSC and the patch now used is a Trained patch with Boy Scout colors.  However, if you are interested in a Trained patch with Venturing colors, you can contact Craig Murray at

Below is one image showing a Corps of Discovery pocket flap.  It should be noted that the Corps of Discovery is not an official part of the Venturing program but is a grassroots program in Venturing.  The Corps of Discovery, a Service Society within the Venturing program, has been created at the local level to recognize Venturers and adult Venturing Leaders who provide exemplary service to their Districts and Local Councils.  It is a local decision to use the Corps of Discovery pocket flap for this purpose, and the Corps of Discovery and its pocket flap are not intended to replace or compete with Order of the Arrow, a program of the Boy Scout Division for a different age group and purpose.  Corps of Discovery is not a camping nor a Local Scout Camp program.  It is not an honor society, but is dedicated to the promotion of and service to the Venturing Program within the local Council and District.  More information can be found at this site -

Click on any of the small images to get a larger image displayed to the right of the small images.

The same Venturing uniform images but with Venturing private issue patches can be seen on this Venturing uniform page.  The changes to private issue badges make the Venturing uniform look much nicer!


R Sleeve L Sleeve
R Pocket
L Pocket - Normal Wear
L Pocket - Formal Occasions
Up to 5 medals can be worn.
When wearing the Bronze or Gold medals, the corresponding ribbon bar should be taken off.

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