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Work is underway to bring Kodiak into the continuum of scout leadership training.  The work includes making all of youth leadership training consistent in terminology and concepts.

The new Kodiak will still be held in the same type of environment as it was before.  In most cases, that was within a high adventure trek, but high adventure is not required.  The trek needs to have a vision, requires planning and involves teamwork to reach the group's vision of success.  Many of the previous Kodiak activities are still in place.

The old term of "commissions" will not be used any longer.  They will now simply be called "leadership skills" and put the seven leadership skills of the Introduction to Leadership Skills courses into practice in a trek environment.  The unit specific ILS course is required for Kodiak.

All units (Troops, Teams, Crews and Ships) with older youth and the desire to plan a trek will be able to make use of Kodiak.  The requirements to attend are:

  • Be at least in high school, be physically capable and able to safely accomplish the trek.
  • Have completed "Introduction to Leadership Skills" for Crews or Troops.
  • Complete the pre-trek leadership skills of Vision and Planning.

In addition to the two pre-trek leadership skills of Vision and Planning, the new Kodiak will have five leadership skills taught during the trek.  These five are:

  1. Communication
  2. Team Development
  3. Inclusiveness
  4. Values
  5. Servant Leadership

After the completion of the trek, the group gathers again.  This is a critical part of the course, as it models the assessment portion of planning and gives valuable feedback that is used to improve future treks and activities for this unit.

At this time, the presentation of the Kodiak medal is still included at the completion of the course.  The medal will be redesigned as it will not include the Venturing logo because the new Kodiak program is a program for all older scouts.

Kodiak X

Kodiak X as it is today will no longer be offered.  There were two leadership skills in Kodiak X:  Performance Evaluation and Mentoring.  Performance Evaluation will be incorporated into all training.  Mentoring has become its own course.