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Original Syllabus'

Kodiak Challenge Syllabus

This is a final version of the Kodiak Challenge [PDF].

This course may be run at any level (unit, district or council) but must be approved by the Council Training chair or his or her designee.  Many courses will be offered at the council level to maximize participants, facilities, resources, support and so on.  However, the course is designed to that it could be run by a crew going on a weeklong trip to the Amazon River or taking in a series of Broadway Shows in New York City.  It works well with any challenging adventure that lasts at least five days with time set aside daily to explore the use of leadership skills as their application becomes evident.


  • All Kodiak Treks must use and follow the current official Kodiak Syllabus.
  • The Council Training Chair must approve courses at least 3 months prior to the trek.
  • Courses must be financially self-sustaining.
  • There is no maximum course size, but each team should be no larger than eight (8) and no smaller than five (5) for each pair of Kodiak Guides.  Fewer than five in a team is challenging and not enough to do exercises.
  • The time in advance of the course is critical.  Depending on the need to secure wilderness area permits, the lead time for delivering a course may be as great as six to ten months for some delivery models.  This time before the trek itself will provide the participants time to develop their vision of success and plan for the implementation of their trek.
  • At least five days is required to do the course.  The course may be delivered either during a single five-day span or over two three-day weekends.  If you choose to offer the two-weekend style course, no more than two weekends should separate the two weekends as time away from the process will cause a loss of continuity.