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Certificates for Recognition

Please read below as it is short and provides very useful information.

A quality certificate is a great way to recognize someone or to nice way to show what you or someone has done in scouting.  Below are a number of certificates that I am glad to personalize for you.  So if you don't find what you want, please ask as I gladly will help you.  The actual sizes are 8.5" x 11".

My most popular certificates are the "Early Scout Certificates" (#7) with the American flag.  I am glad to make any changes to meet your needs.  All you have to do is make a request.  For example, Wood Badgers sometimes want the British flag.  The second most popular are the Baden-Powell Eagle Scout certificates.

I can also include Spanish (Espaņol) wording as long as I have a good clear document to work with.  Any of the special marks needed for the Spanish language are available to me.

The certificates are printed on "card stock White" or "Ivory Granite" paper and I can assure you that you will be pleased with the quality.  Because of printer limitations, there will be about two tenths of an inch around the edge that will not be printed on.  Any frame will cover this.  The Hoover, Roosevelt and Baden-Powell certificates can be printed as 8" x 10" with no border if requested.

It is important that you provide me any adjustments in wording you want, the titles of the people you want to sign the certificate, the date you want and any other information appropriate to the certificate.

The cost of certificates is $5 or $6 based upon the volume of ink used to print.  You can download an XLS Order Form for certificates.  These are not meant to replace official BSA certificates; they are intended to add enjoyment when recognizing others.

Questions?  Please use my contact page.

None of these certificates are official.  Most are very old BSA or British scout certificates that I have had fun creating.  They have been designed to make presentations a little more fun and I am always glad to modify them to meet your needs at no extra cost.

You can see examples of special order certificates on my "examples" web page.

The types of certificates include:


1.  Hoover Certificate

2.  Roosevelt Certificate

3a.  Baden-Powell Scout Certificate

3b.  Baden-Powell Scouter Certificate

3c.  Baden-Powell Commissioner Certificate

3d.  Baden-Powell Eagle Scout (1) Certificate

3e.  Baden-Powell Eagle Scout (2)
in Helpful Service Certificate

5.  Scouts BSA Certificate

4a.  Hornaday Adult Certificate

The above knot-badge is available to adults
who have earned the Hornaday Gold Badge.

4b.  Hornaday Youth Certificate

The above knot-badge is available to youth
who have earned the Hornaday Badge.

6a.  Cub Scout Certificate

6b.  Cub Scout Certificate with seal

7a.  Early Scout Certificate - First Class

7b.  Early Scout Certificate - World Crest

Wood Badge Staffer Certificate

7c.  Early Scout Certificate - Wood Badge Staffer
(original or with US flag)

Wood Badge Scoutmaster Certificate

7d.  Early Scout Certificate - Wood Badge Scoutmaster
(original or with US flag)

Friends of Gilwell

The above fully embroidered knot-patch is available and has a
Gilwell tartan background with an acorn representing the Oak tree at Gilwell.

7e.  Early Scout Certificate - Scoutmaster

7f.  Early Scout Certificate - Scouter's Key
(Scoutmaster's Key, 1927-47)

Scoutmaster EmeritusAdvisor Emeritus

The above fully embroidered Emeritus patches are designed to fit under a three inch round.

Scoutmaster badge Certificate

7g.  Early Scout Certificate - Scoutmaster
(1920's SM badge)

Eagle Scout Certificate

7h.  Early Scout Certificate - Eagle Scout
(US flag)

7i.  Early Scout Certificate - Asst. Scoutmaster
(Scouter's Training Award, 1948-55)

7j.  Early Scout Certificate - Asst. Scoutmaster
(1920's ASM badge)

7k.  Early Scout Certificate - Committee Chair
(1920's Layman badge)

7l.  Den Leader Certificate

Cubmaster Certificate

7m.  Cubmaster Key Certificate

7n.  Cubmaster Certificate
(Cubmaster, late 1940's - 1966)

7o.  Cub Committee Chair Certificate
(Committee Chairman, late 1940's - 1966)

7p.  Arrowman - Vigil Honor

7q.  Arrowman - Brotherhood Honor

7r.  Arrowman - Ordeal Member

7s.  One Female - Any similar certificate

7t.  Two Females - Any similar certificate

16a.  blank OA Certificate

16b.  Honor OA Certificate (example)

8.  Wood Badge Certificate
signed by Baden Powell

9.  Powder Horn Staff

11a.  District Award of Merit
on an old certificate

The above two certificates are examples of what can be requested.

11b.  Unit Leader Award of Merit
on an old certificate

Use your imagination and send me an idea for someone to recognize.

12a.  My Scout History
Leadership titles can be changed.

12b.  My Scout History w/ patches
Patches can be changed.

12c.  My Scout History
Leadership titles can be changed
(parchment background)

12d.  My Scout History w/ patches
Patches can be changed
(parchment background)

Eagle Scout

12e.  Eagle Scout

Arrow of Light

12f.  Arrow of Light

14a.  Scout Leadership Certificate

14b.  Scoutmaster Commitment to the Scouts
(1920's SM badge)

Council VLA Certificate

15a.  Council Venturing Leadership Award Certificate

Area VLA Certificate

15b.  Area Venturing Leadership Award Certificate


The above knot is a quality VLA square knot.

13.  Denali Award

10a.  Rover Scout Certificate

10b.  Pathfinder Certificate

10c.  Rover Squire Certificate

10d.  Timberwolf Certificate, US Boy

10e.  Timberwolf Certificate, US Girl

10f.  Timberwolf Certificate, Canada Boy

10g.  Timberwolf Certificate, Canada Girl