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Special Order Scout Certificates

The certificates below are examples of special orders.  I enjoy helping others with a unique gift that will likely be remembered for a long time especially if is it framed for the receiver.

If you want to something special, you are welcome to contact me at or from my contact page.  I do the certificate thing as a hobby and enjoy helping.  Plus there is no extra charge for a special order certificate.  I will just need your help in defining what you want.

National Order of the Arrow Chief

Centennial Council Jamboree Thank You

BSA Scout History

BSA Scout History with badges

Troop Eagle Scout Certificate

Eagle Scout Certificate with old signatures

Cub Scout Certificate of Appreciation

Eagle Mentor

Honorary Life Scout

Outstanding Citizen of the Year

Treasurer Recognition

Committee Member Recognition

El Jefe Scout

Distinguished Service in Boy Scouts of Chile

Explorer Silver Award Certificate

Explorer Advancement Cards

An Original Charger from 1914

Edited Charter for Zanesville Council Troop

Recognition Certificate

2 certificates per sheet or 2 5"x7"
Price of one

African-American Eagle Scout