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My Excel files will now calculate shipping for your order.  If you use the Acrobat PDF file, you will have to contact me for the shipping cost by sending me what you want to order.

Some will only want to order a few square knots.  If you want 18 or less knots, you are welcome to send a self address stamped envelop (one first class stamp will do) as your postage instead of what the spread sheet calculates.  Of course, this will not apply to PayPal orders.

Payment Options

  1. Zelle, use my email (not my home phone).
  2. PayPal Friends and Family, use the Friends and Family option so that neither of us will be charged.  If you do not know how to use it, let me know and I will provide you with instructions.
  3. Regular personal check.

For the PayPal option, there is a convenience fee of the larger of $1.10 or 5% on the total order including postage.  The convenience fee is calculated in the Excel file but you will need to contact me if you use the Acrobat PDF file.  Use my contact page to ask any questions.

Using PayPal is not an automatic feature on this website.  You will have to contact me so that I can send you a payment link.  The default for the link I will give you is the "Send to a friend" option.

If you use the option "Send to a friend" and there is no charge to me, I will return the full convenience fee to your PayPal account.  In this case, I will need you to email me your mailing address and your PayPal email.

Order Forms

I have one order form for the Venturing square knots and patches and a second one for certificates.  Also a general one for all knots and miscellaneous items on my patch blanket.  The first two are available in either Microsoft Excel (which does the arithmetic) or Adobe Acrobat.  I do update the forms so please make sure you have the current form when ordering.

  1. Venturing square knots and patches (updated 7/16/24)
    1. orderform.xls

  2. Recognition certificates (updated 4/16/21)
    1. certform.xls
    2. certform.pdf

  3. Square knots, Trained & SS World Crest (updated 7/16/24)
    Most of these patches can be viewed on my Patch Blanket.  Often one small knot image will display several knots when you click on it as I do not have all displayed.
    1. knotOrder.xls (full form)

  4. Pins & Belt Buckles (updated 4/16/24)
    These items can be viewed on my Pins & Medals web page.
    1. pinOrder.xls

This is not an official site of the Boy Scouts of America.  I use some of the profits to pay for the scouting web sites that I maintain for the benefit of the scouting community.  However, I give most of the profits to international scouting because I am very involved in international scouting.

Information on my scouting background