Venturing Awards Star

Awards Star

Based upon a concept and teaching tool of Cindy Jesinger, the star was designed for the National Venturing Youth Cabinet web site by Dr. Craig Murray, the National Venturing Youth Cabinet web site advisor and produced by 2005-2006 National Venturing President, Amy DiFrancesco.

After selecting an area of interest (the tips of the stars), Venturers can "specialize" in that area of interest by earning the expert award (the exterior circles) and/or can continue to earn the Venturing Gold and Silver awards (the interior circles).

In addition to the Venturing Awards Star, various formats showing all the current Venturing awards:  Silver, Gold, Ranger, Quest, Trust, Quartermaster, Eagle, and all bronze awards are also available:

  • HTML web page by Craig Murray
  • PPS   PowerPoint slide by Craig Murray
  • PPS   PowerPoint slides by Dr. Bruce Noonan

Awards available to Venturers: