Venturing Bylaws

Venturing Bylaws

Bylaws are the rules that govern the affairs of an organization and every crew should have a set.  The crew president should appoint a committee chaired by the administrative vice president to draft the crew bylaws if you don't already have them.  The draft is to be reviewed and approved by the officers, then approved by the crew members.  Subsequent additions and revisions can be made at a regular officers' meeting and presented for approval at the next crew business meeting.

The elected crew officers are expected to live by and enforce the crew code and bylaws.  New members should be given a copy and asked to sign or otherwise indicate that they understand and agree to the crew code and bylaws.

The Venturing Code should be the preamble to your crew code and bylaws.

Examples of Bylaws can be very helpful.  There is an example in the Venturing Leader Manual but I would like to provide you with other examples and would like to solicit other bylaws from you if you think they could be helpful to other crews.  Please email me at

Josh Green, the Western Region Venturing President, 2003-2004, provided me with two examples.

Crew 7 from Old Baldy Council wrote their bylaws in a constitution format.

Crew 343 wrote their bylaws in a membership handbook format.

VOA bylaws from Santa Clara County Council.

Other helpful bylaws