Venturing Uniform

National and Private Issue Venturing Patches (position patches and more)

Scouter Jim Ganley shares the secret to a successful Venturing Crew
This was a Scouting magazine article from 2015.  (Notice that Jim is wearing "Venturing" square knots that he obtained from me.)

This page shows the Venturing uniform with private issue Venturing patches.  The private issue patches are not available from any BSA store.  The ones that you can see are the square knots (with Venturing green backgrounds), the "Trained" patch and the ESPAŅOL patch.

Click on any of the small images to get a larger image displayed to the right of the small images.

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Right sleeve Right sleeve Left sleeve


R Sleeve L Sleeve
Right pocket Right pocket Right pocket
R Pocket
Left pocket Left pocket Left pocket
L Pocket - Normal Wear
Left pocket Left pocket Left pocket
L Pocket - Formal Occasions
Up to 5 medals can be worn.